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Personalize your Creativity
Create Your Own Personalized Acronym

Creative Quotations is based on five components of creativity:

  • Foraging is collecting information.
  • Reflecting is generating lots of ideas.
  • Adopting is embracing an idea.
  • Nurturing is improving an idea.
  • Knuckling Down is never giving up.
  • These components spell "FRANK,"  the personalized creativity acronym for CQ's webmaster, FRANKlin Baer. Now, you can use CQ's "personalizer" to create your own personalized acronym! There are more than 11,000,000 possible combinations. Just follow these three steps:
    1) Select a letter/verb for each creativity component using the dropdown windows below.
    2) Click "Make My Creative Acronym"
    3) Once you are satisfied with the results, print out the page and post it where you will see it frequently, as a reminder to be on your best creative behavior.
    is collecting information.
    is generating lots of ideas.
    is embracing an idea.
    is improving an idea.
    is never giving up.
    Copyright 2000, Franklin C. Baer, Baertracks, at


    copyright 2000 by Franklin C. Baer, Baertracks at