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Creative Management

In my extensive work with primary health care I have found that operations research is not only an effective management tool, but that it can also be a catalyst to promote community development. Operations research has a lot in common with health education and development. The three components of Operations research are quite similar to Covey's intersection of knowledge, skills and desire. Thus, the management process is linked to both the learning and creative process.

It is feasible, therefore to demonstrate the connectivity between various learning, management, and creative processes (see table below). This table makes several important points.

First, the management process can and should go hand in hand with the learning process and the creative process. Managers should be "foraging" and borrowing methods and tools from the learning and creative processes to improve the planning and management process.

Second, amid a abundance of management, learning and creative processes there are more similarites than differences. It is not necessary to learn a dozen different independent processes, but rather to understand one general process with variations and terminology applied to your working environment. For me, FRANK's creative management is this unifying process.

FRANK'S Creative Management is meant to emphasize that the creative management process should be personalized to the individual. I feel that everyone should personalize the creative process, so I've included a special personalization matrix to help you to create your own creative management acronym.

The matrix of action verbs for each letter of the alphabet and each component of the creative process. This permits you to choose from 11,881,376 five-word combinations to design your own personal acronym for creative management. For example RETHA'S Creative Management might be:

Researching is collecting information

Examining is generating lots of ideas

Taking up is embracing an idea

Honing is improving your idea

Advocating is never giving up

You can design a personalized acronym as a daily reminder to apply creative management in all your learning, management and creative activities.